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Dear Readers,

As we approach at the end of 2018, let us begin 2019 with more hope and less fear. The current security situation in Afghanistan has left Afghans in fear of expanding their horizons and in constant disarray. Let us start the 2019 year with hope and positivity that recently talks between the Taliban and Afghan government will lead the country to much needed peace and prosperity. What we expect as a Civil Society from all political minded figure is peace, consistency, compatibility between different groups, and most importantly respect for humanity. Our wish is to see an end to all the mindless killing, torture, violence, kidnappings, hopelessness, and the lack of any opportunities which could allow Afghans to make a better tomorrow.

CAWC as Civil Society Organization, regardless of all the uncertainty in our …


The organization structure of CAWC is comprised of a Board of Directors, and an Executive Board. The board of directors meets once a year to evaluate the organization’s affairs and advise the executive board on matter concerned. The Executive board is comprised of Executive Director, Deputy Director, Program Manager, Finance and Admin Officer. Project planning, implementation and coordination are carried out through the Executive Board, overseen by the Executive Director.
CAWC is registered with the Ministry of Islamic republic of Afghanistan, registered with UNOCHA (United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). Member of ANCB (Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau, Member of AWN, and certified by AICS.